"A person's a person
no matter how small"
Dr Seuss
  • Close knit, family focused

  • Catering to each child's needs

  • Trusting and responsive relationship building

  • Dedicated professional teaching team

  • Play-based learning environments

  • Home cooked meals prepared daily

  • Privately owned and operated 


"I can hand on my heart say how grateful I am for the entire team at Caterpillar Kids' effort, endless love and devotion they put into the kids. 

Our 3 Kids got the very best start with CK's focuses on nature, our Māori/kiwi culture, the older kids spending time with our elderly at Evrill Orr village, giving back to our community at the Salvation Army and overall wellness, health, relationships, whanau and happiness. 

The kids were given room to be themselves, discover who they were and what they liked whilst having the love and security of boundaries and routine. 

We were so sad to have to leave because of moving house but it completely showed in the behaviour of our youngest who went from being a shy mummy's girl to a confident vibrant little soul who transitioned into her new childcare amazingly. 

Our 2 boys have gone on to start school with the foundations laid out thanks to the beautiful Kapakapa group for the older ones teaching them little basics to be ready for school but in a beautiful subtle play-based way that they deserve when they are still so little - they're now at school having the confidence to be who they are, ask the questions they need when times are tough and learn in their way."

Greer (Nixon, Ihaia & Sabine’s Mum)

"Our 2 girls absolutely loved Caterpillar Kids, we were new to Auckland and they welcomed us all with open arms and hearts and took such good care of our tamariki. Our little one settled in so easily and our older one loved all the learning and activities for the bigger kids. The staff are just amazing and we have such wonderful memories of our time at CK."

Gillian (Remi & Blair's Mum)

"My daughter loves her time at Caterpillar Kids.  She also likes to recite all the names of her friends and the staff on the way to daycare.  They have some great family events too and all the staff are super friendly and always helpful.  Love seeing all the stories and photos of their day on Storypark.  Thanks, heaps and keep it up."

Leah (Evie’s Mum)

“Thank you for showing us so much love and support at daycare.  Lola has learnt so many skills, built great friendships and will always have great memories with you all.  They will always be cherished."

Sarah (Lola’s Mum)