Education Review Office

The Education Review Office appraises all Early Childhood Services periodically to ensure standards are maintained and centres are meeting their obligations.  Caterpillar Kids had a review in March 2021.  Here are some quotes from our report:


"Children demonstrate a strong sense of belonging." 


"Children experience a peaceful, calm, unhurried and uninterrupted curriculum. Flexible indoor and outdoor spaces and open-ended resources enable children’s exploration, movement and creativity."

"Kaiako working with infants and toddlers provide a high-quality curriculum. Their shared in-depth knowledge and understanding of effective teaching practices for these younger children are features of the service. Kaiako are closely attuned to the verbal and non-verbal cues of infants and toddlers. Their warm, consistent care supports children’s secure attachments with kaiako."


"Children have developed a respect for, and understanding of, routines that reflect tikanga Māori and the bicultural heritage of Aotearoa New Zealand. Kaiako support tuakana/teina relationships between older and younger children. Their positive acknowledgement of children’s diverse cultural backgrounds encourages families to share their languages and cultures with the service."

"Parents who spoke to ERO highlighted the positive partnerships they have with service leaders and kaiako. Parents have opportunities to be involved in their child’s learning. Links between children’s home and everyday experiences at the service contribute to consistent expectations for children."


"Leaders and kaiako implement clear procedures and practices that prioritise children’s health and safety."


"An evidence-based evaluation system results in improvements to centre processes and teaching practices. Curriculum planning for each child has been developed and refined to show individual learning and to evaluate the effectiveness of teaching strategies on improving outcomes for children."