Kahuku Room

The Kahuku Room is for our 2-5-year-olds.  The children spend time learning about the world around them through play.  The teachers provide stimulating learning experiences for the children to adventure and build relationships in.  There is a lovely playground with a huge sandpit which is always a big hit.  There is a maximum of 30 children at one time in this room.


Mixed Ages

The children in this room are mixed ages 2 - 5 years.  This gives children (and parents) a sense of security that they won't be transitioning to a new room each year, children get a chance to develop secure attachments with their teachers.


Our teachers plan for and set up age-appropriate learning experiences.  Mixed aged classrooms are lovely because there is a sense of family where the younger children learn from the older ones and the older one can be a 'big brother or sister' figure to the younger ones, lasting friendships can be formed at any age.


Play Based Learning

We plan and assess each child’s learning interests and provide learning experiences that will support and extend what they are interested in.  We also assess group interests to allow children to learn to work alongside one another, share and participate in group discussions as well as supporting their common interests.


The children’s learning experiences are documented through learning stories and posted on Storypark for you and your family to read and comment on.


We conduct regular internal evaluations supporting our philosophy, policies and procedures.  We use this tool to improve our environment as well as individual teaching practices.