Mokamoka Room

The Mokamoka room is our smaller classroom for children under the age of 2 ( with a maximum of 10 children).


Before your child starts with us they will be buddied up with a teacher who will be their Key Carer.  Key Carers or Primary Caregiving is all about creating trust and partnership between teachers, parents and children.  When you drop off and leave your child for the first time, he/she will already have made a connection with their Key Carer through visits. Your child will have a dependable best friend from the very beginning.  Your Key Carer is responsible for all of your child’s caring needs which includes changing nappies, assisting with meals and nap times.


We also take pride in caring for your child’s needs and ensure that his/her interests are being supported and extended to the best of the child’s learning ability.


For the younger children in our room, we have a daily communication book.  This is where you can record your child’s sleep the previous night, and when they had their last meal.  Recording of this information can help us know how your child’s day may be.  We will record meals, sleep times, nappy changes as a snapshot of their day.