Transition to School

When your child turns four they become a member of our ‘Kapakapa Club’ and we begin to gently prepare them for what life will be like when they get to school.  We want our Caterpillar Kids children to be confident in their abilities so that their transition to school is a successful one.  At Caterpillar Kids we want to give them a taste of the learning that will come when they get to school.

A note from Anna Millar…

“I’m the Manager here at Caterpillar Kids and up until 2016 I was a Primary School Teacher.  I have 10 years experience working with children from Year 0 - Year 8  however, my passion is with Year 0, 1 & 2.  I have opened a new entrant class so I have first hand experience of what the first few weeks at school might be like for you and your child.  I have also trained in ‘Reading Recovery’ which is a specialist reading programme that New Zealand schools use to assist children that need extra support with literacy skills.  I work with the Caterpillar Kids teachers to share my knowledge so we can deliver a programme that will benefit your child at Caterpillar Kids.” 

Our programme covers the following:

  • Independence Skills

  • Introductory writing

  • Introductory reading

  • Introductory mathematics

  • Science

  • Oral Language

  • Foundation Skills